12 Days of B2B Marketing: Account-Based Marketing (Day 4)

December 11, 2017 Maria Geokezas

By Maria Geokezas, VP of Client Services for Heinz Marketing

Today, let’s go beyond the ABM basics to review some important lessons from 2017 and take a look at the emerging trends for your ABM strategy in 2018.

Is account-based marketing becoming the every-company solution for driving measurable results from marketing efforts?  Probably, now that 93% of B2B sales and marketing professionals claim it as very or extremely important to their business (2017 State of ABM by SiriusDecisions).  B2B marketing and sales organizations are no “testing the waters” with ABM.  The same research found 50% more companies moved to a full roll-out of their ABM program between 2016 and 2017.  Now, more than ever, you can assume your competition is doing ABM – which means it is even more important to do ABM well.

You’ve dipped your toe into the ABM pond.  You’re seeing engagement with target accounts increase, your pipeline is busting at the seams and the potential for growth is there.  How do plan for the expansion of the program?  What does that look like for your organization?  Following are several resources that will help to get you beyond the basics of ABM.

Top 6 ABM Planning Questions (and Their Answers)

The good folks at Demandbase provide quintessential advice you should consider when moving your ABM program from test to full rollout mode.

Defining the Three Types of Account-Based Marketing

ITSMA provides a great framework for integrating account-based marketing strategy throughout the organization.  From programmatic ABM that leverages technology to scale engagement with named accounts to highly targeted strategic ABM that is executed on a one-to-one basis, ITSMA provides a great framework as your ABM program evolves.

An 8-Step Account-Based Marketing Plan to Share with Your Boss

Assuming you will need to provide some kind of rationale to gain the approval (and additional budget) to expand the reach of your ABM program.  Integrate provides a template to get upper management buy-in.

Why ABM has become a critical strategy for B2B marketers

As your ABM program grows in reach and complexity, it’s even more important to align on data and systematize collaboration between sales and marketing.  Read more from MarTech Today.

The Content Marketing Funnel and Its Role in Your ABM Strategy

An expansion of your ABM pilot program most likely means you will need more content.  Our own Rebecca Smith shows how you can use a sales funnel framework to align content strategy with your core ABM objectives.

Check back tomorrow for Day 5 of 12 Days of B2B Marketing:  Pipeline Velocity

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