12 Days of B2B Marketing: List Building (Day 12)

December 21, 2017 Lisa Heay

By Lisa Heay, Marketing Consultant for Heinz Marketing

On the 12th day of B2B Marketing, let’s finish up by talking about list building.  It’s not the most glamorous of topics, but it’s critical for campaign success.  Data is dynamic – and companies have a ton of it.  Marketing technologies gather data from many sources, not only on the leads and accounts themselves, but also on how those leads interact with your brand, campaigns, and sales teams.  However, data decays at an alarming rate—2.1% per month, or 22.5% per year according to Marketing Sherpas research.  When is the last time you cleansed your database?

Here are some articles that provide some insight into building your email lists and the importance of maintaining clean lists as the foundation of your marketing efforts.

9 Ways B2B Brands Can Start Building an Email List (Without Spending Millions)

Ross Simmonds has compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best tactics he’s seen and implemented with B2B brands looking to build an email list, including some channels that might surprise you.  Check it out!

14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast

Speaking of ways to build your email database, here are some more ideas.  Alex Cleanthous highlights his favorite approaches for growing your email database fast, without breaking the bank.

Here’s How to Maintain Your Email Marketing List for Engagement and Better Deliverability

Companies focus efforts on building their lists, but that’s not enough—they must maintain their database, as well.  Jon Miller tackles list maintenance in this post which highlights preference centers and proactively identifying and cleaning inactive records.  Though its an older post, it’s still very relevant today.

Is Your Data Working for or Against You?

Data cleansing is the prequel to not only successful ABM strategies, but any marketing campaign strategy.  To understand your target markets, find the right individuals and companies that fit those targets, and then to engage with them in a meaningful way—it all starts with clean data.

4 Reasons Why Segmenting Your Lists Dramatically Impacts Your Success

You build and maintain your email database.  Now what?  Erika Brookes walks through the importance of segmenting your marketing list and its impact on campaign success—applicable to both B2C and B2B marketing.

As a bonus, I’ll leave you with one last set of resources on our 12th day of B2B Marketing:

8 Steps to Make Sure your Email Marketing is Legal and Is Cold Email Illegal?

Data privacy is a big deal—especially if you are marketing internationally. There has been a lot of talk recently about the enforcement of Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  These laws come with some heavy consequences if not followed, so make sure these considerations are a top priority as you plan for 2018.

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