12 Days of B2B Marketing: Marketing Revenue (Day 11)

December 20, 2017 Brian Hansford

By Brian Hansford, VP of Client Services for Heinz Marketing

At one time in the not too distant past, the practice of B2B marketing focused heavily on communications activities such as advertising, direct mail, trade shows, brochures, and PR. The main objectives were “brand awareness” and direct response phone calls or booth visits.  The more brochures, the better. The more press releases sent to the wire, the better.  Objectives were based on activities.  The business impact of the marketing communications activities was nebulous. Marketing did a good job if sales numbers were close to the goal.

Successful B2B marketers today do two things: They engage with customers to drive revenue with sales and they can demonstrate the impact with relevant (non-activity) facts and data.  Revenue isn’t the only result, but it is the most important.  Strategic vision, customer engagement, product planning, messaging, technology, operations – they all lead to revenue.  It’s the truth we live in today and I think we should welcome this responsibility.

All B2B marketers I know have worked incredibly hard to deliver great results for their organizations in 2017. The thirst for knowledge and generosity in sharing ideas helps energize all of us. A very Merry Christmas to all with the ultimate gift of Marketing Revenue.  Here are resources to inspire your revenue marketing into the New Year!

Marketo: Three Steps to Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue


Marketo’s Rick Siegfried provides three powerful steps for effective customer marketing.  Setting the objectives, goals, Ultimately all steps lead to opportunities, pipeline and revenue!

Bizible:  Forget Trends. Forget Buzzwords. Marketers Need ONE Thing to Be Successful


Bizible’s Alexis Getscher explains how B2B marketers live in a tornado of trends and noise and technology that are powerful distractions. No matter how many tools or tactics emerge, B2B marketers need to focus on the prize – driving revenue.  And that means understanding the ROI of what you do.

Allocadia: Two Up and Coming Roles Will Run Marketing: Revenue Operations and MPM


Allocadia’s Sam Melnick breaks marketing into two categories: Doing and Running. Revenue Operations has emerged as the powerplant for any B2B organization.  Companies should be aligned with their objectives and how they are pursued.  Don’t create objectives in silos that are only relevant to the department.  Also, direct the investments to the areas that drive the best results and measure the impact for analysis and improvements.

Check back tomorrow for Day 12 of 12:  List Building 

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