A watched sales pipeline never boils

August 16, 2017 Matt Heinz

Just like the proverbial kettle, staring and wishing and hoping isn’t going to make it mature faster.

You can’t sit back and hope that your deals close. But you equally can’t sit and anxiously stare at your opportunity report, nor can you badger your prospects every day for an update.  The first is unproductive, the second may very well be counterproductive.

And yet, in the midst of the month or quarter, when pipeline movement stalls and all of the action items are in the hands of the buyer, what do you do?  How do you keep things moving?

Here are a few recommendations that have worked for me:

Do your prospect’s work for them
If you’re waiting for them to make a decision, have you given them concrete options to choose from?  Could you enumerate or further detail (in part to demystify and simplify) next steps or decisions to be made?

Further quantify the problem and opportunity cost of not acting
The longer your prospects wait to say yes, the slower progress and results will come on their end.  Sometimes you need to be the voice of focus and precision on their behalf, so that they understand the true cost of delay.

Follow up with something completely different
Send a note of congratulations on recent company news, or comment on a recent piece of content the company has published.  Even sending a link to an upcoming sporting event you know they like can help get a response.

Build more pipeline
Every day, every week, every waking moment – you have the opportunity to find more prospects, create more opportunities, address and solve another company’s pain.  Too often, the biggest problem sellers have isn’t converting their existing pipeline.  It’s not having enough pipeline in the first place.  Divert that anxiety over existing deals into cultivating and qualifying new ones.

Would love to hear your strategies for unsticking pipelines, or even just managing your own anxiety in the process.

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