How can you make me more successful?

January 24, 2018 Matt Heinz

It’s a simple question that doesn’t get asked nearly often enough.

Adam Schoenfeld brought it up to me last week over coffee.  Adam was co-founder and CEO of Simply Measured before taking over Siftrock last year.  In his new role at a much smaller company he wears many hats – leader, sales rep, customer service manager and more.

It’s in his best interest to make his customers wildly successful, which often translates to greater loyalty and higher lifetime value.  It’s one thing to answer their questions, serve the role of help desk, and ensure they are actively using the product.

But reactive customer service doesn’t always lead to intense loyalty, evangelism and longevity.  Many B2B customers, in fact, consider customer service table stakes according to recent Gartner research.

When’s the last time you asked your vendors how they can make you more successful?  Literally call them without a specific problem to fix, without a specific complaint to rectify.

Proactively call and ask them to make you more successful.  Ask them to learn more about your business and recommend ways to help you make more money using their products.  Could you make that call?  Will you?

If you’re a vendor reading this, how would you react to this call?  Who would field it, who would respond, who would be able to act?

I realize most vendors are in the business of making their customers successful, but I also expect many vendors would have a hard time answering and acting upon a question this vague, nonspecific and nondirectional.  And yet, it’s probably the most important question you can answer.

How do you get more customers to ask it?  How can you proactively get more customers to request and take action on the answers?

There’s a challenge (and opportunity) here for vendor and customer in countless business relationships.

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