Matt’s App of the Week: Alyce

November 26, 2017 Matt Heinz

This is the latest in a series of weekend posts highlighting a wide variety of applications we think are pretty cool. Most have to do with sales, marketing and productivity. Check out past featured apps here.

Corporate gift gift giving typically runs into one of two problems.  If you have a bunch of gifts to give at once, you often choose something general or generic (think fruit baskets) that’s very nice but less interesting to each individual recipient.

If you choose individual gifts based on personal interests, you have a much bigger impact but cannot possibly scale that effort efficiently when everything is done manually.

Alyce solves both of those problems by using artificial intelligence to choose the right gift options for each recipient automagically based on their expressed interests online.  Have 100 thank you gifts to give at once?  Alyce will choose the right gift for each individual recipient for you.

I recently tested the service and found the gift choices strikingly accurate.  The first gift offered me was an illustrated portrait of my family based on a photo.  Unfortunately the offer was for up to four family members and we have five.  When I clicked the “choose another gift” button, Alyce offered me a hand-drawn print of Wrigley Field.  Perfect for this Cubs fan!

They offer integration with numerous sales & marketing tools (Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Gainsight and more) for easy integration, reporting and even lead scoring.

Definitely worth checking out.

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