The perfect voicemail

December 22, 2017 Matt Heinz

Yes, you should leave voicemails.  But not for the reason you may think.

When’s the last time you returned a voicemail from a seller?  Unless you were actively engaged in a buying process, I bet it’s been awhile.

In general, we don’t reply to voicemails.  Your prospects likely won’t either.  So why leave them?

Because they still work to drive higher future engagement and response.  Statistically, the more your sales team leaves voicemails when they call, the higher their engagement rate with prospects at the end of the full disposition sequence.

We don’t respond to voicemails, but we listen to them.  Your prospects do too.

The perfect voicemail, therefore, is less about driving immediate response and more about challenging the prospect’s current thinking.

Put another way:

What does your voicemail say in the first 4-5 seconds to get your prospect to STOP. TYPING.

Get them to stop multitasking and 1) you have their attention, and 2) you’ve likely shared something that will start a paradigm-changing conversation that leads to a commitment to change and active buying process.

It won’t happen every time.  There’s a reason we call it a sales funnel instead of a sales cylinder.

The perfect voicemail quickly earns attention, drives curiosity, and sets up a faster, more engaged next conversation.

Too often we value & primarily measure the conversion event, when the MVP of your sales process is likely the little things that get you there.

Including the perfect voicemail.

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