We all live in glass houses

August 15, 2017 Matt Heinz

I see a ton of bad marketing and sales development outreaches daily – poorly-written emails, desperate LinkedIn messages, voicemails read from a bad script for the 80th time today by a rep who clearly could care less.

I see failed mail merges, templates that don’t render in mobile, misspelled names, empty subject lines, etc.

It’s easy to poke fun at these examples.  I’ve done plenty of that myself.  But if we think our own efforts are flawless, we’re fooling ourselves.

If we’re executing, if we’re pushing the envelope, if we’re testing and innovating – by definition we’re also failing.  And it’s likely others are throwing stones at our own glass houses too.

These mistakes and faux pas are rarely if ever intentional.  Your sales reps aren’t trying to annoy their prospects.  We do many of these things with the best of intentions.

And God knows the best of intentions to ease up on the hard sell regularly face the reality of “the number” that must be hit each month, each quarter.

If you carry a quota, or have ever carried a quota, you know that tension all too well.

None of this is meant to be an excuse for abusive sales and marketing tactics, nor is it meant to justify mistakes.  But when we see these instances in the field, best to keep in mind how difficult all of this really is, how ugly the process can occasionally be.

I could write a lengthy white paper on the mistakes I’ve made this year.  I’m sure you could as well.  Empathy, on all sides, helps keep those glass houses just a little safer.


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