What’s worth doing

September 12, 2017 Matt Heinz

Later today we launch the first of a two-day, interactive deep-dive workshop on Marketing Performance Management (MPM).  While that term isn’t necessarily new, I haven’t seen anybody tackle it to the depth we will over the next two days for our workshop’s attendees.  This is about more than just reporting, more than just attribution.  It’s a complete, comprehensive approach to marketing performance management strategy, structure, process and more – truly ground-breaking stuff.

The content we’ll present (or more precisely, that Brian Hansford created and will lead) is the culmination of months of hard work.  What attendees will see over the next couple days is the end of a long process that has left numerous draft versions in its wake, let alone fierce discussions and debates internally, tests of ideas and concepts in our internal sandbox, etc.

It would have been far easier to just talk about better reporting, or how to simply implement a new attribution tool.  But we knew that this wouldn’t have been enough.  As B2B organizations worldwide put greater focus on measuring marketing’s impact – across longer sales cycles and larger buying committees – we knew that what’s needed would be a complete rethinking of how B2B programs are structured and executed, not just measured.

What’s worth doing isn’t easy, it isn’t clear, it isn’t obvious, it isn’t always popular or fair.

What’s worth doing is almost always hard, takes far long than you expect, isn’t always popular or welcome because it’s different and harder and unknown.  This goes for the creator as well as the recipient.

This Marketing Performance Management workshop is just the latest in a series of comprehensive, interactive workshops we’ve produced in 2017.  What was just an idea a year ago has become a real business inside Heinz Marketing.  I’m incredibly proud and humbled by the amazing work our team has put into this new initiative.

It hasn’t always been easy, hasn’t always been obvious what to do next.  It’s required a new set of skills, work habits, processes.  There have been growing pains.

But a year later, we have a program with momentum and a great future for our business.

It may have been easier to just continue writing blog posts.  Produce a few more best practice guides.  Schedule some webinars.

But the work worth doing was worth it.

As we get closer to the fourth quarter of the year, consider what’s worth doing for your organization, your department, your objectives.  Where do you have opportunities to try something that scares you, something that doesn’t have a clear path but has a much-desired destination?  What outcomes are worth the work and pain that may present themselves to get there?

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