The Voice of Your Customer Meets Slack

September 26, 2017 Dominik Facher

Bringing Your Customers and right into Slack

Thousands of top performing sales reps already use to automatically record, transcribe and summarize their meetings. As more and more reps and managers joined the platform, we discovered that Chorus was becoming about more than just helping reps be more focused on calls (no more notes!), or improving their selling skills. Teams were sharing tens of thousands of moments with their teammates and managers. Over time, other teams began digging into the customer insights surfaced by Chorus. Customer Success teams. Product Teams. Marketing teams and senior executives.

More and more sales teams are living inside Slack (shout-out to our friends at and!), and more importantly, the rest of the organization is there too. There’s nothing more important than being close to the voice of the customer, and Slack is the natural place to share those moments. 

Our customers asked us if we could build a native Slack integration so they could share moments from customer calls directly to Slack, receive deal alerts or call summaries.

“The voice of the customer is among the most important things in our business. Chorus helps us capture the voice of the customer and learn from it. The new slack integration is a major breakthrough for us - our entire company runs on Slack, so I can now easily share moments from customer meetings and collaborate with teams like product, marketing, and executives.”

Christi Moot, Head of Training, AdRoll

We and a few early customers have been using the Slack integration for a few weeks now, and we can tell you that it is going to change the way you collaborate!

Our friends at Slack agreed and recognized as a TOP 5 Sales App for Sales Teams. Thank you!

Here’s how it works:

In Slack, the Chorus bot makes sure you never miss an important message and turns Slack into your source of truth for the voice of the customer.

1. Link to your calendar with one-click to automatically record, transcribe and summarize your online meetings. Congrats! You’ve now started capturing the Voice of the Customer.

2. Share any moment in a conversation with your team, incl. automatically surfaced moments through algorithms like pricing, deal risk or upsell opportunities.



3. Subscribe to custom digests from your team’s sales calls to keep up-to-date with the important calls and moments that you want to hear - like when competitors or a new product or features is discussed, there’s a tricky price negotiation, or a deal may be at risk.


Want to try it out? Connect to Slack today!

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