Donald Miller on Why Building a Storybrand Motivates Buying Decisions – Episode #97

December 13, 2017 Anthony Iannarino | Sales coach, Business coach, Sales professional, Author

One of the most influential books in Anthony’s life in recent years has been Donald Miller’s, “ A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.” Since the publication of that book, Donald has written another, this time oriented toward business. In this conversation, Anthony chats with Donald about his newest book, “Building a Storybrand” in an effort to unpack exactly what it means to be a Storybrand, how it impacts the way a company relates to its prospects and customers, and the way it leads to success like nothing else.

Building a Storybrand requires that you focus on your customer’s story, not yours

Many companies position their marketing around the benefits and features of their product or service. But companies that understand what it means to be a Storybrand take another approach. They focus on their customer’s journey, the story that is happening in the lives of those they serve. They do so in an effort to not only connect with their customers on a personal level but also to express that they understand them and care about the challenges they face in life. It’s at that point that they have become empathetic in their customer’s eyes, and as a result become a brand the customer is eager to follow. Find out more about how you can position your company and your sales endeavors around this concept of being a Storybrand.

The customer is the hero of the story. Your brand isn’t. Companies that get that and communicate it effectively are poised for success

In this conversation, Anthony and his guests, Donald Miller highlight a number of examples of companies that have effectively made their customer the hero of the story. It may sound like an odd approach but it has resulted in amazing brand loyalty and sales for the companies that get it right. Donald Miller explains what it means to be a Storybrand, how companies can move in that direction, and why communicating in a way that demonstrates empathy for the customer is powerful over the long haul. Don’t miss this episode.

People don’t buy the best products and services, they buy the ones they can understand the fastest

One of the most important aspects of marketing that applies to business, politics, or any endeavor that is trying to affect popular opinion, is that in order for a message to be communicated effectively it has to be communicated in a way that enables the listener to understand it with the least amount of effort. In this conersation, Donald Miller points out how President Donald Trump did that effectively in his election campaign and how many brands are doing the same thing to great success. It’s an art form as much as it is a tactic and on this episode of In The Arena, Donald explains how to do it.

Brands that participate in their customer’s transformation achieve enormous success in the marketplace

Every sales professional desires to be part of a company that achieves enormous success in their Marketplace. It’s one of the signs of personal achievement that we all strive for. The brands that accomplish that to the greatest degree are the ones that participate in the transformation their customers experience that comes from using their products or services. What does it mean to actually participate in that transformation? On this episode, Donald Miller highlights the difference between participation and observation, and gives some practical tips about how to become a Storybrand, a company that focuses on the customer’s story to build brand loyalty.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:44] The impact Donald’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” has had on Anthony and why it’s so powerful
  • [3:19] Why Donald chose to write a business book and how he came to do it
  • [6:08] The premise that the customer is the hero, not your brand – why it matters
  • [10:02] What are we trying to do by branding with stories in the first place
  • [16:43} Serving customers as a guide in their own story
  • [22:45] What is an aspirational identity and why is it important?
  • [27:30] Why the U.S. is the place with a greater focus on personal improvement
  • [32:10] How you can get Donald’s free bonus after purchasing the book

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