Perry Marshall on Mastering Marketing With The 80/20 Rule – Episode #98

December 14, 2017 Anthony Iannarino | Sales coach, Business coach, Sales professional, Author

Many who listen to this podcast are eager to master the things that will move their career or business forward, things like sales and marketing. But mastering marketing and sales is not something that is easy or that happens overnight. Anthony’s guest today, Perry Marshall is one of the people has taken the time and put in the effort to become a master at marketing. His name is synonymous with success when it comes to direct mail, email marketing, and pay per click advertising. On this episode of In The Arena you will hear Anthony’s stimulating conversation with Perry, where Perry describes how he came to discover the application of the 80/20 rule to marketing and sales.

If you only have so much time to learn so many things, why not learn the things that will make the most difference, like mastering marketing?

The bright shiny object syndrome is alive and well. We see it every day on social media and in the advertisements that come our way. Perry Marshall is committed to avoiding that sort of an approach to marketing and instead loves to teach people how to master those things that will give them the greatest results. That means sales, and that means marketing. In this conversation, Perry describes how scientific principles regarding fractals and probabilities demonstrate the kinds of things that need to be learned and implemented in order for marketing to be mastered. It’s a deep conversation, but one you will value for a long time, so take the time to listen.

Why engineering is the ideal education for anyone who wants to go into marketing or sales

Perry Marshall earned a degree in the field of engineering. He’s not the kind of guy you would expect to be a leading internet marketer, but he is. He says that the education he received in engineering equipped him better for the marketing business he is now enjoying than anything he could imagine. In this conversation, you will hear his explanation of how engineering and marketing operate according to the same principles and how his ability to view marketing through an engineering lens has enabled him to become a leader in the industry. Perry is a fascinating guy who has lots of great things to share, so make sure you listen.

How a journey into the supposed science behind evolution led to an in-depth look at how successful marketing really works

The story of how Perry Marshall got from being an engineer to an internet marketer is filled with all kinds of twists and turns that could not have been predicted. One of those includes a debate he was having with his brother about whether or not evolutionary theory as it is typically presented, is true. Perry didn’t believe it was and set out to dig deep into it to see if his hunch was right. What he discovered was not only how false and misleading much of this supposed science out there actually is, but also how the truth of how science works applies across the board in many areas of study, including the mastery of marketing. This episode is a wide-ranging conversation but it is one that you will want to listen to again and again.

A 100-year-old rule for marketing – RFM: Recency, Frequency, Money – the formula for online advertising

In this conversation, Anthony asks Perry Marshall for one piece of advice for those who are considering pay per click advertising as a way to generate leads and make sales. Perry points to a 100-year-old marketing and sales principle that he refers to as RFM. Those letters stand for recency, frequency, and money. In his mind, it is the best formula for discovering where to invest your limited funds for the biggest return on that investment. You can hear his entire explanation of how RFM works as well as many other helpful topics, on this episode of In The Arena.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:44] Why Anthony didn’t expect the kind of conversation he had with Perry on this episode.
  • [1:45] Perry’s background in engineering and why he believes that his education translates well into sales and marketing.
  • [6:35] Why Perry wrote his book, “Evolution 2.0”
  • [12:51] How the sales/marketing process relates to Perry’s studies about evolution
  • [20:22] The hopes Perry had in writing his book, “80/20 Sales and Marketing”
  • [25:16] Applying the 80/20 rule to marketing
  • [31:01] Effective marketing on the internet these days – Perry’s view
  • [37:20] Advice for those thinking of advertising on search engines or social media
  • [43:10] Anthony’s 80/20 rule about what books to read – and Perry’s lengthy response

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