Stoking Your Hunger to Win in the Sales Arena, with Patrick Tinney – Episode #93

August 25, 2017 Anthony Iannarino | Sales coach, Business coach, Sales professional, Author

Every sales professional says they have a hunger to win, but few truly conquer as top sellers. My guest on this episode says every sales professional must have a perpetual hunger to win in sales – that constant drive to provide for their family, to be a success, and to be the trusted advisor who serves their customers well. Patrick’s newest book, “Perpetual Hunger” is the subject of our conversation. It’s a book that can serve you almost like a sales encyclopedia with easy-to-read chapters that are able to be immediately applied. You’ll get a great feel for what he covers in the book by listening to this episode of the podcast.

Fear and adversity can contribute to your hunger in a positive way, or it can hold you back.

You hear a lot these days about overcoming fears and adversity, but Patrick Tinney and I agree that both of those things can fuel your hunger if you know how to leverage them to your advantage. The saddest thing is to see a person with great potential who is saddled with their own fear to such an extent that they can’t push forward to the success that is possible. On this episode Patrick and I discuss the role adversity and fear can play in a positive way to stoke the hunger to win in sales, so be sure you listen.

The truthful sales conversations happen when you are able to knock the chat off script.

Every party involved in a sales conversation has their own agenda – a script of sorts they have prepared to direct the conversation in the direction they want it to go. But those scripts often prevent the conversation from getting to the real issues that are at stake, the real needs the clients have and the solutions you can offer. Patrick Tinney says whenever you can knock the conversation off that script you have the opportunity to hear the true needs of your prospect and are able to understand what your team can bring to the table. You’ll want to hear this part of our conversation – it’s well worth your time.

Why relationships win in every sales interaction.

Your hunger to win as a sales professional can’t be about you primarily, even though the need to attain a certain level of personal success is always part of the equation. You need to focus more on the relationships that are the basis of trust between you and your customers. That’s what will give you success long term. In this conversation, Patrick Tinney shares a story from his own experience about an opportunity he had to build enormous trust with a client and how it came to serve him personally in the end. You won’t want to miss this powerful story.

The first part of becoming a trusted advisor is trust. Don’t violate it.

We’ve all heard the admonition to become a trusted advisor to our customers, and while it’s definitely the goal we want to be shooting for, it’s easy to forget that “trust” is the first part of that goal. The trust our customers have in us is only what we enable them to have – and that comes about through our integrity toward them. In his new book, “Perpetual Hunger” Patrick Tinney speaks to the role those kinds of trusting relationships play in accomplishing the success we all want, and how trust is a key element in it. I encourage you to listen to Patrick’s advice on this, you won’t regret it.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:44] Patrick Tinney: Sales trainer, coach, and author.
  • [1:21] What does it mean for a sales professional to be perpetually hungry and why aren’t people MORE hungry?
  • [6:16] What makes for an exceptional sales prospector?
  • [8:03] The higher value questions a sales pro should be asking.
  • [9:30] Using your questions to help the prospect ask themselves value questions.
  • [11:30] The concept of powerful scripting and unscripting.
  • [16:06] Why relationships matter most: a story from Patrick’s experience.

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