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November 2, 2017 Matt Bertuzzi

BDRs, LDRs, SDRs - whatever you call them, the metrics that drive the SDR role are always in demand.

Today, I'm excited to launch our latest research focused on Sales Development organizations. This is our seventh round of research since 2007. The key themes we'll explore include:

  • Rep profiles: experience, tenure, ramp time, career path
  • Structure: in/out/blended, headcount, territories
  • Compensation: base, OTE, regional variations
  • Quotas: average quotas, components, % attainment
  • Technology stack: categories, adoption, impact

We worked hard to make this year’s survey easier and it will take roughly 4-5 minutes to complete. If you lead a sales development group, please participate

All answers will be aggregated anonymously. We’ll be sharing the results with you in the coming months.


I appreciate you taking the time. We couldn't do this research without your help.

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