Make It Happen! (My challenge to you)

May 2, 2018 John Barrows

I came up with that tagline a while back when I was working at my first startup. I was frustrated with everyone making excuses and accepting things as they were. It was specifically related to networking events in the summer in Boston and how few there were. The excuse I kept hearing was that it was the summertime and people were on vacation, which is why it wasn’t worth organizing them (since few people were likely to show up, or such was the excuse). As a self-funded startup with limited funds, networking events were a large part of my lead gen approach, so I decided to put together my own and make it happen.

I found a bar downtown on the waterfront who was willing to rent out their deck to me on a Thursday after work and invited everyone I knew. Over 200 people showed up with a line around the block and it ended up being one of the best events of the year that people still remind me about to this day.

I never really understood why so many people accepted things the way they were, even to their detriment, which is why I’ve adopted the ‘Make it Happen’ tagline ever since. In fact, it’s not just a tagline, it’s a mentality that I think everyone should adopt.

Instead of me going on about other examples I have I want to hear from YOU

Comment below with an example of when you made it happen that might inspire others and people can learn from. Be sure to include the hashtag #MakeItHappen and I’ll choose my favorite example to share in a future post.

What you’ll win

The winner will also get a whole bunch of gear from my store, a license to my online portal training and my time to help them continue to Make It Happen. Let’s see what we can do to inspire each other to take it to the next level.

Make it Happen!

PS – If you want to connect with other people who #MakeItHappen, join the Make It Happen Community where the winner will be announced during the 11th Friday Happy Hour.

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