Baking discrimination into everyday life?

June 5, 2017 Sam DeBrule


Awesome, not awesome.

“Machine translation is becoming better all the time. Five years ago it was laughable most of the time, but now translations between Indo-European languages are reasonable in many cases. It’ll significantly increase possibilities for human collaboration and communication over the next 10 years….. Machines and [AI] can’t substitute human beings, but they can provide knowledge, possibilities and support for peace processes. Those processes are often about understanding the language, culture and marginalization.” — Timo Honkela, Researcher Learn More on Al Jazeera >

#Not Awesome
“Two forms of automation bias also menace the right to a meaningful appeal. Judges are all too likely to assume that quantitative methods are superior to ordinary verbal reasoning, and to reduce the task at hand (sentencing) to an application of the quantitative data available about [the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend]. Both responses undermine the complexity and humane judgment necessary to sentencing.” — Frank Pasquale, Law Professor Learn More on MIT Technology Review >

What we’re reading.

1/ We need to build automation systems that “account for the variety of humanity” or we’ll bake unintentional discrimination into everyday life — like preventing dark skin people from using teleconference systems. Learn More on Hackernoon >

2/ Idaho’s Medicaid program fed bad data to an algorithm that’s used to calculate assistance for people with developmental disabilities, and it suddenly cut health care services by 20 or 30 percent. Learn More on ACLU >

3/ Hillary Clinton talks openly about Russians using machine learning to “weaponize information,” create targeted advertising campaigns, and generate false news stories to disrupt her campaign. Learn More on recode >

4/ China pours cash into AI companies and research projects just as the US starts to cut back on this new generation of computing. Learn More on The New York Times >

5/ One company is hard at work building a “physical shell” to give artificial intelligence the environment it needs to surpass human-level intelligence. Learn More on The Verge >

6/ Over the next 15 years, Americans with limited skills will be staring into a bleak future; Machines will eliminate many of their jobs, and we suck, as a country, at retraining vulnerable people for new work. Learn More on Politico Magazine >

7/ If you’re building an AI company, don’t talk about your deep expertise in the field unless you can back it up. Learn More on Gigaom >

Links from the community.

“Deep Learning AI for NASA Powers Earth Robots” submitted by Carl DeBrule. Learn More on IEEE Spectrum >

“Ethics In Machine Learning — An Opportunity For Startups To Lead” submitted by Avi Eisenberger. Learn More on Tomasz Tunguz >

“Highlights and Tutorials for Concepts Discussed in ‘Richard Socher on the Future of Deep Learning’” submitted by Samiur Rahman. Learn More on The Neural Perspective >

“Trade Ideas Unleashes the Centaur on Wall Street: Revealing Human + A.I. Perform Better Than Either Alone” submitted by David Aferiat (@TradeIdeas). Learn More on LinkedIn >

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A: Journal

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