Machine Learnings is now accepting submissions!

October 3, 2017 Sam DeBrule

In just a few months the Machine Learnings newsletter has grown from 0 to 30,000+ subscribers, Tim O'Reilly has shared our posts, and our interviews have been the topic of conversation among top VCs on twitter.

👉🏿 Machine Learnings exists to help people understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence changes the way we work and live.

As we welcome more people into the Machine Learnings community, our goal is to demonstrate the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on society.

We plan to shine a light on topics that don’t get enough attention — everything ranging from bias in hiring and courtroom sentencing to human-machine collaboration and algorithms that shape our beliefs.

Your post will be read by software engineers, product managers, investors, and senior leadership at the world’s leading Tech and Venture Capital firms shaping the products we use everyday.

📫 Submit your post

We can’t wait to hear from you :)

Post Guidelines:

1. Who can write a post?

People from any and all walks of life can provide unique views on potential impacts and applications of artificial intelligence systems.

If you have a viewpoint on machine intelligence that is intellectually stimulating, we want to hear from you!

2. What should the posts be about?

As we’ve mentioned before, our goal is to help people understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence changes the way we work and live.

Some of the theme’s we think deserve more attention are:

  • Bias in algorithms
  • Industry impacts (future and current)
  • Machine learning and underserved populations
  • Machine learning’s impact on your company
  • Any AI-related topic you’re passionate about

3. How should posts be structured?

Please keep things relaxed, straightforward, and accessible.

  • Write in a friendly tone.
    The best posts often sound like emails written to friends and family interested in the topic.
  • Don’t be stuffy or full of sh*t.
    Our BS meters are on high alert. There is already enough noise, hype, and snobbery surrounding machine learning.
  • Keep your post around 400 words.
    Accessibility and brevity often come hand-in-hand.

4. Who are the readers?

  • Size: 30,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • Primary Job titles: Senior software engineer, investor, product manager
  • Demographics: 74% US, 5% UK, 3% Canada, 2% Germany, 1% Australia, 15% rest of world

💡 Top-Performing Guest Posts:

📫 Submit your post to be read by a niche audience of 30,000 machine learning enthusiasts.

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