Should we ban humans from driving?

November 20, 2017 Sam DeBrule

Awesome, not awesome.

“[Autonomous] cars will recede into the background. They will become infrastructure — still important, but unseen unless they break down. Nobody will care what anyone drives, no more than they might ponder the manufacturer of elevator cabins or subway rolling stock. It might be annoying when the elevator takes forever or the train doesn’t come, but these matters are akin to acts of God, conducted outside ordinary people’s influence. And as the intimate familiarity of choosing, operating, and maintaining vehicles recedes, people will develop a new tolerance for whatever the companies that run the services choose, in terms of appearance and access..”— Ian Bogost, Writer and Game Designer Learn More on The Atlantic >

#Not Awesome
“Social scientists categorize data using demographic information all the time, in response to how society has already structured itself. For example, sociologists often analyze behaviors along gender or racial lines. “We live in a world that uses race for everything,” says Nelson. “I don’t understand the argument that we’re not supposed to here.” Existing databases — the FBI’s face depository, and the census — already stick people in predetermined boxes, so if you want an algorithm to work with these databases, you’ll have to use those categories.” — Sophia Chen, Science Writer Learn More on WIRED >

What we’re reading.

1/ A humanoid robot is granted official state citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and it calls into question what role AI will play in our cultures and religions (and what role we will play in their’s). Learn More on The New Yorker >

2/ If you have a hard time believing that lawmakers will ever permit self-driving cars on our roads, remember these statistics — 37,461 people died on roads in the US last year, and 94% of the time it was caused by “human choices.” Learn More on NPR >

3/ An ambitious startup that uses a machine learning algorithm to replace animal proteins with vegan alternatives delivers a plant-based mayonnaise to store shelves — a first step towards disrupting the global meat market. Learn More on The Ringer >

4/ Microsoft researches publish a reading list of critical literature on algorithms to help people outside the fields of mathematics, computer science, and software engineering better understand how they will change our way of life. Learn More on Social Media Collective Research Blog >

5/ Mass-automation of people out of their jobs by AI algorithms is definitely a thread, but there’s also room for them to free up time that allows us to dive deeper into the most rewarding parts of our work. Learn More on WIRED >

6/ Rights groups are begging IBM not to develop machine learning technology for the Trump Administration that would be used to conduct “extreme vetting” of U.S. immigrants. Learn More on Reuters >

7/ Tesla positions the self-driving feature of its semi-truck as a “massive increase in safety,” but it also spells massive change for the 3.2 million Americans who currently drive trucks for a living. Learn More on WIRED >

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Links from the community.

“Human Intelligence Should Not Be AI’s Holy Grail” by Gil Elbaz. Learn More on Noteworthy — The Journal Blog >

“Sparking Growth in Corner Shops” submitted by Jane Del Ser (@janedelser). Learn More on Medium >

“Researcher: ‘We Should Be Worried’ This Computer Thought a Turtle Was a Gun” submitted by Wes Chow. Learn More on Motherboard >

“The role of design in collaborative AI” submitted by Joel Tinley. Learn More on Medium >

“A Cookbook for Machine Learning: Vol 1” submitted by Avi Eisenberger. Learn More on inFERENe >

“Cool dynamic robot doing backflips” submitted by Samiur Rahman. Learn More on YouTube > (video)

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