The best way to see AI: stop looking

October 17, 2017 Sam DeBrule

Awesome, not awesome.

“As cities look to curb their carbon emissions, continuing to prioritize cars in urban places is more and more of a problem. With the advent of autonomous vehicles, the region has an opportunity to integrate the technology into the existing mass transit system, and have them function more as an extension of the infrastructure, instead of allowing it to spawn independently. Rather than repeat the mistakes of the last automobile age, adaptation should intentionally use AV technology to improve the reach, utility, and lower the cost of public transportation.”— Richard Barone, Transportation VP Learn More on Fast Company >

#Not Awesome
“What frightens me is the scenario of human thought being overwhelmed and left in the dust. Not being aided or abetted by computers, but being completely overwhelmed, and we are to computers as cockroaches or fleas are to us. That would be scary.” — Douglas Hofstadter, Cognitive Science Professor Learn More on Quartz >

What we’re reading.

1/ Could you fathom a single power running our planet, backed by an intelligence so awesome that it would enable humanity to survive for billions of years? Learn More on Nautilus >

2/ Machine learning algorithms powering Facebook’s News Feed set off a tectonic shift in politics that will forever shape the landscape of elections. Learn More on The Atlantic >

3/ If the developers of AI technologies only represent one walk of life, we cannot expect AI technologies to do good by all of humankind. Learn More on MIT Technology Review >

4/ Hype surrounding artificial intelligence is at an all time high level, but it’s not stopping well-respected companies from announcing the strategies they’ll use to make the most of it. Learn More on Forbes >

5/ From Frankenstein to Blade Runner 2049, Hollywood is hugely responsible for shaping the collective understanding of how artificial intelligence will merge with society. Learn More on Time >

6/ Artificial intelligence was invented in the US, but China’s total commitment to pushing the technologies forward means the future may live there. Learn More on MIT Technology Review >

7/ Pornhub strikes a deal with a computer vision company to tag and make adult actors searchable — and the potential for the underlying tech to be abused is massive. Learn More on Motherboard >

What we’re building.

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Where we’re going.

Highlight from “Machine Learning Abstraction And The Age of AI Ease”

…While Core AI companies and Application AI companies innovate in using novel machine learning methods or simplification and thus need to get into the nitty gritty of the stuff, Industry AI companies are unique in that, well, they don’t…. Machine Learning is being abstracted into a project that can take just a few days and a few hundred lines of code or less…

Learn about the tools making it easier than ever to get AI up and running >

Justin Gage
Cornerstone Venture Partners

Where else we’re going.

Highlight from “The Best Way to See AI: Stop Looking”

…Taking AI for a spin in a specific department, or for a specific task — as opposed to transforming your entire organization into an AI-enabled racetrack first — is doable, and even preferable. It’s in line with a “micro-innovation” approach that uses incremental, pragmatic gains to build a digital ecosystem of competitive advantage, with little risk.

It’s also in line with the nature of AI, a technology that can lift burdens and relieve bottlenecks without also introducing them…

Learn how companies should think about developing AI strategies >

Melanie Hendrix

Links from the community.

“Hello, World: Building an AI that understands the world through video” submitted by Nathan Benaich. Learn More on Medium >

“Jared Leto’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ character was partly inspired by real techies” submitted by Samiur Rahman. Learn More on recode >

“Machine Learning Abstraction And The Age of AI Ease” by Justin Gage. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“Can anyone beat Amazon in e-commerce?” by Byran Ciambella. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“Part 1: Neural Chess Player — From Data Gathering to Data Augmentation” Francisc Camillo. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“How to apply AI to brand marketing” by Steven Harries. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“Serving PyTorch Models on AWS Lambda with Caffe2 & ONNX” by Michael Ulin Edwardds. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How machine learning finds your new music” submitted by Avi Eisenberger. Learn More on Hackernoon >

“Automatic Subtitle Synchronization through Machine Learning” by Alberto Sabater. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“First ML application after Prof. Ng course” by Loïc Dalloz. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“In Silence You Meet Yourself” by Sultan Meghji. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

“Monetizing big data in next-generation mobility” by Evangelos Simoudis. Learn More on Machine Learnings >

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