5 Signs You Need to Hire a Sales Consultant

October 30, 2017 Matthew Cook

Bringing on a sales consultant is a big decision for any business. It can be difficult to bring in an outside voice when it’s you and your staff who know your company best.

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Some business owners are hesitant to dive into the details of their sales strategies and accept constructive feedback. However, if your business is struggling with sales team turnover, profit loss, or disorganization in the sales department, a consultant may be your best bet for a sales overhaul.

If your business is showing these five signs, it might be time to call in the experts.

1. There Have Been Changes in the Marketplace

Is your business suddenly struggling to keep up with competitors? Have you lost important clients to other solutions or businesses? Marketplace changes may be part of the problem. After working in an industry for years, it can be easy to fall out of touch or get stuck on one path while your competition changes direction.

Sales consultants can help give you deeper insight into the current state of your industry and the tactics your competitors are using to win business. Not only can consultants come up with solutions, but they can show you how to implement changes quickly and efficiently.

2. You’re Losing Margin

If you’ve noticed your margins are dropping or your deal sizes are shrinking, it can point to a disconnect with your customer message. If your sales team isn’t clear on the value of your product or service, the customer won’t see how you stand out from competitors—and they certainly won’t pay top dollar for it.

Start by asking your sales team what problems you solve for your clients and how you differ from your competitors. We bet you will get a different answer from every person. These mixed messages are hurting your bottom line. A sales consultant can help clarify this message so your whole team is aligned and clear on how your company helps your customers.

3. You Have High Employee Turnover

Bad hires cost time, money, and productivity. If your employees are leaving or you have a hard time retaining sales staff for over a year, that’s a clear sign your sales culture needs a revamp. A top-performing sales team must include salespeople who are passionate about your business and a proper fit for your company.

A consultant can help put data and detail behind your hiring process and give you insight into why your salespeople are leaving. They have seen it all before and know how to get your hiring and compensation practices back on track.

4. You Have an Undefined Sales Process

To be successful, your whole sales department needs to be pulling in the same direction. An effective sales process helps map out your customers’ buying journey and gives clarity to your sales reps on how to sell to customers in different stages on that path.

Your sales process must be defined. Your reps should know what to do and when to do it based on buyer-driven data and accurate reporting. Sales consultants help build and define these processes. They can help implement the tools and templates every sales rep follows so they can spend their time actually selling!

5. You’re Using Inaccurate Forecasting

If you are rushing to get the sale on the last day of every quarter, it’s time to rethink how you forecast your sales pipeline. Managing the sales forecast is a frustrating part of every sales managers’ job, but it’s vital for understanding how your team is performing.

You need consistent processes that are repeatable, and the lines of communication need to be wide open between the sales team and the manager. Sales consultants help create a framework that defines expectations and qualified lead criteria, while guiding managers on how to efficiently and accurately forecast.

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