The Top 20 Most Affordable Marketing Automation Software Report

May 25, 2017 James Rew

Any B2B organization looking for marketing automation software has some obstacles to face. They must find the right balance between functionality, scalability, usability (and many more fun words ending with “ity”) in order to make their software transition successful.

According to Pepper Global, “price” is at the top of most B2B marketing managers’ priority lists. After all, if you don’t have the budget for software, or can’t prove the return on investment, the purchase often falls through—no matter how much functionality is at stake.

Affordable Marketing Automation Software

Price is always a factor. But don’t let price overshadow the potential benefit a marketing automation system can have for your organization.

Marketing automation software helps you attract new leads, engage with them, and nurture them to sales-ready customers. Tools such as landing pages, web forms, auto-responders, and drip campaigns can help streamline and automate manual tasks, freeing up more time to generate creative campaigns and marketing strategies.

Here is a point you can’t resist; marketing automation software allows you to nurture leads around the clock. Take a poll in the office and see if anyone would volunteer working the graveyard shift. Just because you’re sound asleep in the United States doesn’t mean the “hot leads” will stop coming in from Down Under…after all, you snooze, you lose.

If you are a marketing manager reading this, you are most likely sold already. Now comes the hard part…convincing your frugal boss a marketing automation system is worth it’s weight in gold.

Capterra is here to help you avoid a budget clash. Check out our Top 20 Most Affordable Marketing Automation Software report to see which systems offer the functionality you desire at a fair price!

Our research is meant to help you narrow down your list and ensure you are only considering systems that match your budget. However, please note that our research is not inclusive of all available solutions. Check out our Marketing Automation Directory to make sure you find the right fit for your needs.


We use several metrics to create this report. We compared systems based on features offered, the cost of those features, and how actual users rated those systems in customer reviews (collected on Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice).

For our analysis, we generated a pricing scenario based on a “typical marketing automation buyer”, which is outlined below:

ABC company is looking for their first Marketing Automation solution. They will have 3 users accessing the system. They have 750 active contacts per month (but have 1,000 contacts total per month) sending 2,500 emails per month, and 3 landing pages. They are looking at a 2 year commitment and need as many of the features below and as many of the following implementation, training, and support resources as possible: API, CRM Integration, Social Media Integration, Mobile Responsiveness, Training Videos, Training Articles and Documents, Free Demos, Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Knowledge Base.

Below are the standard, expected features considered in our pricing scenario:

  1. Analytics
  2. Campaign management
  3. Lead management
  4. Lead nurturing
  5. Lead scoring
  6. Drip campaign
  7. Channel management
  8. Segmentation
  9. Social marketing
  10. Landing page/form creation
  11. Website visitor tracking
  12. Template management

Out of the Top 20 vendors, 80% offered all 12 features and 7% offered 11 or more.

The graph below displays the monthly cost of the Top 20 Most Affordable Marketing Automation solutions, based on our pricing scenario:

Of the solutions featured on the Top 20 Most Affordable report, the average monthly cost per product was $92. And the average monthly cost per feature is around $8.


Like I mentioned before, affordability and functionality are important when making a decision, but don’t forget about “ease of use”. You don’t want to get stuck using a clunky system – check out our Top 20 Most User-Friendly Marketing Automation Software report for guidance.

In conjunction, these reports can help your organization narrow down the list and find a handful to further explore. Free trials and demos are a great way to work with vendors and assess your specific needs.

Please share your thoughts! Did we miss any of the most affordable marketing automation systems? Let us know! We update this research annually.

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