The Top 20 Most Popular Content Management Software Report

May 2, 2017 Annalie Aplin

Content Management Systems (CMS) are the backbone of the majority of sites on the web today. But what is a CMS, exactly?

popular content management software

Content management software enables web managers to create and distribute digital content throughout webpages. From text to multimedia, content management software gives the power of digital content curation to any user.

Yet, if you’ve ever tried to find a CMS, you may have found that the content management software landscape is very diverse.

CMS’s range in their format and capabilities. Some CMS’s are geared toward small and medium businesses, enabling them to manage their digital content without coding. Other CMS’s are open source, meaning that they provide the source code free to the public, and thus require more development and tech resources. Finally, there are enterprise CMS’s which are geared toward corporate users managing hundreds of webpages.

We launched our Top 20 Most Popular Content Management Software report to bring some order and clarity to this diverse category. While this report features products from all CMS types, it will give you a good snapshot of the top players. Remember that the most popular solutions may not be the best fit for your unique needs. For a comprehensive list of all solutions available, check out our Content Management Software directory.


This report is created with our Popularity Index that produces a weighted and ranked score based on:

– Number of active customers [40%]
– Number of active users [40%]
– Number of reviews on Capterra [10%]
– Social media presence (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers) [10%]

We defined active customers as the number of organizations who have accessed the product in the past year. We defined active users as the number of people at those organizations who have accessed the product in the past year. We have these strict definitions in place to keep our data consistent and reliable.


To generate our data, we reached out to software companies and performed market research. Where possible, we used the customer and user numbers given to us by the software companies. We pushed back and questioned any numbers that seemed inflated or questionable. If we didn’t hear from companies, we relied on publicly available data and industry averages.

All software companies were notified and had the opportunity to address any estimates we generated.

The Capterra-generated estimates are highlighted in yellow in the below chart.

This Top 20 report ended up reflecting the diverse CMS landscape mentioned above. About half of these solutions are geared toward small and medium businesses, while the other half are enterprise CMS’s. Several of these solutions are open source.

In line with the diversity that defines the CMS software category, it’s important to note that all data in this report should be treated as estimates. Yet, we are confident that this report provides a good breakdown of the current CMS heavy hitters.

What do you think? Are there any CMS’s you believe should have made this report, but aren’t listed? Let us know! We will continue to update this report annually.

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