Google Play for Work recommends Showpad as Featured Work App

November 23, 2016 Patricia de Groot

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Google selected Showpad as a Featured Work App in the Google Play for Work store. To help you quickly discover the best apps for the workplace, Google provides a curated list with its recommended business apps. Showpad is the first sales enablement platform the company has recommended on Google Play for Work.

Why was Showpad recommended?

By listing Showpad as a Featured Work App, Google is recognizing that Showpad’s Android app has an outstanding design and provides a great user experience for Android users. Showpad for Android allows salespeople to easily share and present content with buyers. Further, reps and marketers can instantly see what content has the biggest impact on the sales cycle.

Showpad helped our sales teams evolve from a paper heavy environment to a digital one. Thanks to Showpad’s Android app, our salespeople are more productive. They can now deliver a better customer experience in their sales visits, no matter where they are.               - Jean Francois de Meester, field sales manager at Fixmer

Google maintains a rigorous process to select its Featured Work Apps. The following three enterprise functionalities made Showpad stand out from thousands of other business apps:

  • Managed profile compatibility: Showpad admins can securely isolate the Showpad app and the data it contains from users’ personal apps by creating a work profile. With this setting, organizations can manage all data within Showpad while giving users the freedom to control all other configurations on their device.
  • Managed configurations: Showpad provides a set of universal instructions, which allow IT admins to remotely configure the app on their users’ mobile phones. This way, admins can enforce enterprise policies such as enabling or disabling printing and whitelisting or blacklisting URLs on a specific web browser, among others.
  • Corporate-owned, single-use devices (COSU): Showpad can be configured to work on a COSU device, allowing IT admins to lock Showpad on a user’s screen so users can’t leave the app via a Home or Recent Apps button.

Showpad for Android: Instant access to your content on any Android device

Showpad for Android-1.png

Example: Showpad channels presented in Android

With Showpad for Android, salespeople can effortlessly find, present and share the most relevant marketing content on any Android device. Reps can automatically log sharing activities in Salesforce to maintain a full overview of their customer interactions. Moreover, they receive real-time notifications when prospects interact with shared material, allowing them to successfully time and tailor their next steps.

Get started with Showpad for Android                                                             Increase your sales team’s effectiveness and download Showpad for Android here.


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