8 Tips for Paving the Way to a Smooth Sales Digital Transformation

May 23, 2017 Jennifer Wyne

You heard it here first: Going digital is not a fad. In fact, industry experts predict that successful businesses will soon become 100% digital for all transactions. Sales organizations can benefit greatly from a paperless process. To wit: They close more deals faster, enhance the customer experience, and gain the competitive upper hand. Just like a sales plan, implementing digital requires carefully crafted steps. Here are 8 best practices to help make your digital transformation tranquil as opposed to traumatic.

1.) Look for paperless opportunities in core tasks

Innumerable tasks can be made more efficient with digital capabilities. Start small by reviewing customer touch-points to determine which will benefit the most. Candidates include NDAs, end-user agreements, event registrations, and contract renewals.

2.) Engage your team to identify revenue friction points

Before diving head-first into the digital pool, talk with your sales team to identify the most time-consuming administrative chores. A good formula to follow is time saved per task multiplied against the hourly value of sales time.

3.) Increase visibility into your sales funnel

Good sales forecasting depends on pipeline processes that address all big milestones, says Forbes.com. eSignature technology provides visibility into the status of deals so you can see who has (and hasn’t) signed critical paperwork every step of the way.

4.) Use digital technology to improve team retention

In a study about retaining and motivating top talent, Entrepreneur.com cites a lack of modern tools enabling salespeople to do their jobs effectively as one of the key causes of sales team turnover. Go digital and your top salespeople will not go elsewhere.

5.) Fully embrace mobile technology and workflows

Fast reaction time is crucial in high-service environments. This can only be accomplished with a flexible mobile-enabled digital workflow. Deals can be sealed anywhere, anytime, and on any device, giving you a leg up on the competition.

6.) Understand geographic standards and regulations

With sales teams and customers spread out across the globe, regulation challenges abound. It’s imperative that your signature processes are legally binding and comply with such laws as the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and EU Regulation No. 910/2014.

7.) Collaborate with your IT and legal departments

By integrating the latest technologies with existing systems, you can easily automate tasks with limited manual intervention. Just make sure to chat up IT and legal to assess software compatibility and to guarantee secure transmission of confidential data.

8.) Learn from best practices in consumer services

Here are two consumer rules to live by: Reduce the number of clicks required to sign and store documents and provide automatic “you are here” progress tracking. These customer-friendly aspects of e-commerce transactions will stand you in good stead.

Everyone does their best work when they have the best tools. For the utmost in efficiency, flexibility, and productivity, a 100% digital platform is clearly the route to take. And following these 8 tried-and-true tips will pave the way to a 100% smooth transformation for your sales team.

Today’s post is by guest author, Fred Raker, Contributing Writer at DocuSign, the fastest, most secure way to sign and approve just about anything from any mobile device, anywhere in the world.


This post was inspired by the white paper, Don’t Leave Anything to Chance When Going Digital: 8 Digital Best Practices for Sales Professionals.

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