Hey Salespeople! Here’s the One Critical Action You Should Take NOW.

June 1, 2017 Nancy Nardin

We’re not quite done with Q2. In fact, there are 30 days left. You’re no doubt doing all you can to hit your quarterly number and perhaps catch up on Q1. While you’re focusing on the deals in your immediate future, there’s one critical action you can take now to up the chances your 2nd half revenue will be a blow-out.

Make sure you understand what happened in the 1st half of the year – then decide what worked and what didn’t

I don’t mean to be overly-simplistic. Indeed, when you reflect on the first two quarters to understand what worked and what didn’t, you’ll see that it can be difficult but don’t let that keep you from doing it. Now that I’ve said how difficult it can be, I’ll suggest keeping it simple. Capture the key take-aways into a cheat-sheet for easy reference. The first step is to ask questions that will get to the crux of the situation. Here are some examples.

  • How did my account activities deviate from plan?
  • How effectively did I use my time?
  • What did I do that worked exceptionally well?
  • What did I do that did not work particularly well?
  • What resources did I lack?

Don’t get tripped up, or bogged down, by too much detail. The purpose of this exercise is to look for the big themes, or overriding obstacles to proficiency or productive output. Write one honest and objective statement for each scenario, and create a cheat-sheet you can refer to as a regular reminder. Bear in mind, it’s not how much you manage to do, but how well you manage to do it. Your cheat-sheet should also focus on those ‘golden nuggets’ of insight gained from each category of experience. And if it is resources you lack, it just makes steps 1 through 4 that much more critical in terms of self-evaluation.

Here’s an example of items you might have on your cheat-sheet.

  1. I will review my account plans every other Monday to see if I’m deviating from plan unintentionally and make the necessary course-corrections.
  2. I will spend less time on distractions by doing a better job delegating. Conversely, I’ll spend more time on activities that affect revenue like mapping each account to additional products they should be buying.
  3. I will do more video emails because they get the best response and I get important insight like when the recipient opened it.
  4. I will create fewer proposals from scratch and will take the time needed to put commonly used paragraphs or text blocks into templates.
  5. I will do a better job communicating my resource requirements.

It’s certainly acceptable, if your list is longer. When it comes down to revenue-generation or performance-enhancement, no ‘to-do’ list can ever be too long if you make it specific enough (read ‘actionable’) that you can implement each component or process while keeping the framework simple to follow. The important thing is that you take the time to put it down on paper so you can refer to it on a daily basis. In fact, print it and post it by your monitor. After a while, these changes in habit will become second nature, and wired into your muscle memory.

Perfecting the way you go about performing your job is the key to nailing revenue growth. It’s not possible to perfect something without first evaluating what needs improvement. Take this one critical action now and gear up for a record 2nd-half of the year before.

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