Real Time Customer Intelligence – The Key to Getting Heard. by @CliveArmitage

November 30, 2017 Jennifer Wyne

For Account Based Sellers (ABS) and Account Based Marketers (ABM) the amount of irrelevant, vacuous content being created by businesses presents a huge opportunity to get noticed. With inboxes, social feeds, and voice mails drowning in content that is neither wanted nor asked for, to suddenly come across a piece of relevant, personalized content is a rare experience. It’s why, with the cacophony of marketing and sales ‘noise’ so loud, anything that stands out has a significant chance of grabbing customer interest.

The challenge for companies, of course, is knowing what your customer is interested in and when so that you can tailor your content, your approach, and your messaging accordingly. That’s where real-time customer intelligence comes into play within an ABS/ABM strategy.

It’s about taking a customer-centric view of the account – not putting your marketing campaign or your sales quotas first. The ‘spray and pray’ approach of yesteryear is dead. The days of prescriptively deciding what you want to sell the most of this quarter and then sending out blanket mailers to every contact you have within that account should be long gone.

By using intent data and real-time customer intelligence, you can adopt an evidence-based approach to prioritize your ABS/ABM target list based on insight into which accounts have been actively researching your sector. Most vitally, because the data comes to you in real-time, you know when there are surges in activity and therefore exactly when the time is right to target them.

Using the data appropriately, you will know what your customers are interested in and can tailor your messaging and campaign accordingly. You know when there are spikes in activity, so when the time is right to approach them, and because of this, you can be confident that your approach is more likely to lead to engagement. Your email or call will likely get noticed.

But intent data goes further than this too. Once your campaign or nurture journey is activated, you can use the data to help you tweak your tactics according to the customer’s ongoing needs. The real-time nature of the information allows you to be quick off the mark to adjust the message, the content, or the channel. This means you become constantly relevant, thereby further increasing your chances of engagement, and ultimately sales. Understanding your customer is a must in today’s hyper competitive sales environment; make sure you equip yourself with the right insight to win!

Today’s post is by guest author, Clive Armitage, CEO of Agent3, a platform that helps sales teams pinpoint opportunities within their key accounts, arming them with insights on who to target, what they want to hear, and when they are most likely to engage.

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