Sales Tech Game Changers: Accelerating Time to Quota

April 26, 2018 Jennifer Wyne

In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers.

This week I interview Clive Armitage, CEO of Agent3.

Nancy: What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization?

Clive: The Agent3 platform is a unique SAAS solution that helps organizations better understand the buying intentions in their key and named accounts by aggregating massive amounts of data from public and premium sources. Customers such as Atos, British Telecom and Tata Communications use the Agent3 platform to focus their sales and marketing efforts on engaging the right person, at the right time, with the right message to build a bigger pipeline that is faster to close.

  1. The Agent3 platform alerts sales users to their customers and prospects early stage buying intentions before their customer or prospect will have identified as ‘in-market’ to purchase.
  2. The Agent3 platform provides a continuous stream of personalized account insight on specific accounts which allows sales users to be ‘always aware’ of news/trends/issues within their key and named accounts, dramatically increasing efficiency for the user.
  3. The Agent3 platform provides sales users with personalized, unique account insights that help them focus their efforts within an individual account and also, if they have a portfolio of accounts, allows them to know which accounts will yield the fastest pipeline opportunity, so accelerating time to quota.

Clive: What are the top 5 things your solution allows salespeople to do better, or faster than they can today?

Clive: The wealth of account data that is either publically available or can be purchased by premium data providers provides a treasure trove of insight into the buying intentions within accounts.  Rather than largely relying on guess work or instinct to engage with buyers, this data, if organized correctly, can be used to massively accelerate time to value for sales people by helping them understand what buyers are interested in and how best to engage with them, much earlier than previously possible.

  1. Through ‘intent’ data analysis in the Agent3 platform, sales users can now understand where the most relevant buying signals are within their key and named accounts, allowing them to efficiently target those accounts as priorities and thus accelerate their time to quota.
  2. Through monitoring ‘intent’ data within the Agent3 platform, sales users can now understand how their own engagement efforts are faring versus possible competitors, allowing them to change sales strategies and tactics in real time.
  3. Through having a single, shared view of an account via the Agent3 platform, the sales user can now work much more collaboratively with sales colleagues and also marketing colleagues to quickly determine sales (and marketing engagement) to drive pipeline velocity.
  4. Through social sharing functionality within the Agent3 platform, the sales user can now use the insights that they gain on their target accounts to build engagement with individual prospects very easily through social channels.
  5. Through the aggregation of all news about particular accounts, pertinent to their own sales portfolio, the Agent3 platform allows sales users to be ‘situationally fluent’ about what is happening within their key and named accounts, therefore saving significant time on account research.

Nancy: Describe the first 30 days after a company purchases your solution.

Clive: The Agent3 platform is always configured to the needs of each specific customer to ensure that account insights are relevant and personalized to each user. However, set up is quick and easy; it can be done within a day (by Agent3 consultants) and simply involves defining the accounts that need to be tracked and the product/solution/service portfolio that each particular customer is selling into the specified accounts. Agent3 Customer Service Managers (CSMs) are also on hand to guide users through simple training or they can access a huge Knowledgebase of relevant material from within the Agent3 platform itself to help them quickly utilize the functionality of the platform and immediately start to drive value.

Nancy: How have companies determined the ROI of your solution?

Clive: Our customers track ROI in a variety of ways including:

  • Usage and adoption.
  • Account team feedback on quality/value of insights.
  • Reduction in research time and increased efficiency as a result.
  • Effectiveness of marketing metrics linked to targeting individual accounts – increased engagement rates, etc.
  • Opportunities identified and opportunities won.

Nancy: What should companies do to ensure success of your solution?

Clive: Shifting traditional sales techniques to be more insight driven is as much a change management process as a technology innovation. On that basis, we recommend taking an initial set of accounts with some key account leads and running a broad pilot. This will help the organization better understand the power of the Agent3 platform and then determine an internal roll out program to more accounts and more users post the pilot period.

Additionally, it is valuable for customers to appoint a single point of contact to act as the evangelist for the Agent3 platform, monitoring usage patterns and driving awareness internally for value created (particularly opportunities identified and opportunities won).

Nancy: What are some good resources if someone wanted to learn what questions to ask, what others are doing, and purchase considerations?

Clive: We always recommend an initial 30 minute conversation with any interested prospects to determine if we can drive valuable insights for them in their key and named accounts. This can quickly help ensure that the Agent3 platform is a good fit and provides opportunity to ask about ‘best practice’ as well as pricing models. And our blog has a plethora of articles and case studies.

Nancy: Who benefits most from your solution?

Clive: Any organization that has a key and named account strategy and is selling into other enterprises can drive value from the Agent3 platform and, in particular IT, telco, services, manufacturing and financial institutions can achieve significant ROI.


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