Sales Tech Simplified: Why You Should Use Connected Solutions

June 13, 2017 Jennifer Wyne

In this series, we ask tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution. We call it Sales Tech Simplified.

This week I interview Andres Botero, CMO of CallidusCloud.

Nancy: Why does the industry need your solution?

Andres: First and foremost, our solutions are market leaders. Our Sales Performance Management solution has topped Gartner’s SPM Magic Quadrant four reports in a row, our CPQ solution was ranked as a leader in the Forrester Wave, and our other solutions fare well in similar reports. Beyond that, however, our solutions are connected – which means you can exchange data much more easily, much more quickly, and apply analytics (like our Thunderbridge Analytics) to discover insights that allow you to tap into the powerful data that your sales and marketing teams are already generating.

Nancy: Why should it be prioritized above other options?

Andres: The suite avoids the time and expense of integrating a host of point solutions while at the same time delivering enterprise-level performance. It’s more affordable up front, and it can make your business more money through greater sales effectiveness that only becomes greater over time.

Nancy: What are the symptoms that indicate an organization would benefit from your solution?

Andres: Sales force turnover, stagnant sales performance, a lack of visibility into the sales process and a corresponding lack of agility in adjusting sales strategy and tactics, an inability to drive the right sales behaviors through compensation, a poor buyer experience caused by sales process delays, an inability to close deals because of poor accessibility of sales content and delays in the quoting process, and a general inability to harness and understand sales data.

Nancy: Where does your solution fit in the Hierarchy of Revenue Needs™?

Andres: Our suite has solutions that span the entire hierarchy.

Nancy: How mature is a typical organization’s sales stack before adding your technology?

Andres: Most of our customers are already somewhat mature enterprises, but many have deployed multiple parts of the suite. Many of the key parts of the suite – compensation management, CPQ, sales enablement and so on – are often not identified as problems until a company seeks to scale its sales organization or boost sales productivity. Young organizations may get by with manual processes, but eventually that approach becomes a drag on their results and the need automation like the Lead to Money suite provides.

Nancy: In what ways is your solution complimentary to others that might be in someone’s sales stack now or in the future?

Andres: We integrate with the top CRM solutions, for example, and our many partnerships with companies like SAP, Salesforce, Accenture and others are a good indication of how well our solutions work with a wide variety of other technology solutions.

Nancy: What are some of the challenges your solution solves for Marketing/Sales?

Andres: The suite’s components take aim on the most critical issues for sales and marketing:

  • Commissions: automates the commissions process, reducing conflicts and overpayments, speeding up payment times, and reducing administrative overhead
  • RevSym: enables companies to prepare for and manage commissions in compliance with the ASC 606 Standard, which significantly changes the way commissions are paid over the course of contracts
  • CPQ: dramatically shortens the time needed to produce quotes and proposals, provides guided selling, maintains margin control on every deal
  • Enablement: Arms the sales force with the best performing and most appropriate sales content for each customer at any point in time; enables sales to on-board and train salespeople effectively to keep up with changes to products and markets
  • Sales Performance Manager: Enables sales managers to coach their teams most effectively
  • CLM: Automates the creation and fulfillment of contracts and cues sales when opportunities to deepen relationships present themselves
  • Leadrocket: provides common-sense marketing automation that can be used by both sales and marketing pros
  • Litmos: Allows businesses to create easily-consumed mobile training and deliver it in the most effective manner possible
  • Clicktools: Provides an easy way to include the voice of the customer into the sales and marketing process

Then, using the data these solutions generate, Thunderbridge Analytics and Datahug can provide insight into how different parts of the sales and marketing process affect each other, allowing businesses to fine-tune their approach to maximize results.

Nancy: What are some good resources if someone wanted to learn what questions to ask, what others are doing, or purchase considerations?

Andres: The CallidusCloud website and, especially, our resources library on the site, which contains case studies, thought leadership and videos demonstrating the power of our products.

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