Sales Tech Simplified: How to Create an Automated Email Sequence with a Personal Touch

September 8, 2017 Jennifer Wyne

In this series, we ask tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution. We call it Sales Tech Simplified.

This week I interview Oleg Campbell, CEO & Founder of Reply.

Nancy: Why does the industry need your solution?

Oleg: It all started when I saw an opportunity in our audience pain (among sales & recruiting professionals, media outreach specialists, business developers, etc.). The first major issue they faced was the need to constantly follow up with prospects that didn’t respond to their message, not to waste the opportunity. The second issue was caused by the first one since lots of manual actions go with human factor risk. I saw the need in a tool that would not only help them save time, but also eliminate the chances of missing a lead, sending wrong follow-ups, duplicate sending, etc.

Nancy: Why should it be prioritized above other options?

Oleg: When it comes to email communication (especially outbound), there is nothing more important than consistency and personal touch. Reply helps with both and saves lots of time above that. I wouldn’t say it’s the #1 sales tool among all stack elements the market has right now, that would be too arrogant and small-minded. But I’m definitely sure it’s in Top-5 sales tools every person in the field should be using.


Nancy: Where does your solution fit in the Hierarchy of Revenue Needs™?

Oleg: It’s definitely Engaging with prospects stage since Reply’s main purpose is creating automated email sequences, it was made for scaling prospect engagement along with customization.

Nancy: How mature is a typical organization’s sales stack before adding your technology?

Oleg: Reply was designed to cover needs at different stages or company growth. If we speak about it being one of the first 5 tools of a new organization sales stack, it makes sense in terms of outbound sales campaigns launch. However, we have enough customers who felt the need for a sales enablement tool like ours in later stages of corporate lifetime.

Nancy: In what ways is your solution complementary to others that might be in someone’s sales stack now or in the future?

Oleg: Reply goes perfectly with the lead generation stack (though we do have an in-house service for that) and all kinds of CRMs being in the middle of the full sales cycle, from list building to deal closing. That is why we have a significant number of native and Zapier-wise integrations with those kinds of tools that were made to create a smooth workflow from the very start of sales process to its end.

Nancy: What are some of the challenges your solution solves for Marketing/Sales?

Oleg: As a sales automation tool, Reply mostly solves basic sales challenges in terms of email communication including but not limited to:

  • Lead management and customer communication at scale
  • Need for genuine personalization of outreach
  • Eliminating human factor risks and chances of missing a lead/an opportunity
  • Need for email tracking and detailed analytics
  • Decreasing time spent on manual tasks, calls, etc.

Nancy: What are some good resources if someone wanted to learn what questions to ask, what others are doing, or purchase considerations?

Matt: I’d recommend our Resource Library for this (it has case studies, our own Reply Academy, knowledge base, best practices, and whitepapers) along with field communities like and blog.

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