The Best 29 Marketing Tools to Drive Sales

September 5, 2017 Nancy Nardin

We’ve just announced the Top Marketing Tools of 2017 (TMT) Guide. Why should Sales leaders care? Because the marketing tools we recognize directly support the generation of revenue. In other words, Sales organizations are the beneficiaries.

The difference between the marketing tools we cover and the broader, 5,000+ marketing tools on the market is that tight connection to Sales. That typically means that Sales uses the technology while Marketers are the ones that select and deploy them.

This year, we’ve scoured the market for technology that falls into six key categories

Account Based Marketing

ABM is not a technology so much as an approach. By definition, ABM occurs when Marketing focuses their activities on accounts rather than just contacts (leads). For any organization that derives a good portion of their revenue from named accounts, ABM provides a tight alignment between Marketing and Sales.

In this year’s guide, we showcase ABM technologies that:

  1. Identify which accounts are “in-market” for specific solutions and to notify the appropriate salesperson
  2. Pinpoint the total addressable market and serve up companies, contacts, and intelligence about each.
  3. Map incoming leads to their accounts within Salesforce CRM making it possible to route leads to their account owners.

Customer Engagement

Marketing has the ability to increase the odds that every time salespeople interact with prospects, they have the best possible outcome. Customer engagement solutions make targeted, relevant marketing content readily available to salespeople based on who they’re communicating with.

In this year’s guide, we showcase Customer Engagement technologies that:

  1. Serve up the most relevant content to salespeople based on the account, sales stage, and other key factors.
  2. Track the distribution of content by salespeople and the consumption of that content by the prospects who receive the content.
  3. Provide complete multi-channel communication for on-line pitches, email pitches, and phone pitches.

Customer Experience

Our customer experience category highlights companies that help salespeople stand out from the crowd and make a great impression.

We’ve identified Customer Experience technologies that:

  1. Create exciting mixed-media presentations branded professionally but personalized for impact
  2. Arm salespeople with content ready-made for video. Salespeople record their own personal message and select the additional content to be included in the final video—which is created automatically.
  3. Replace PDF proposals, quotes, and presentations with interactive prospect-specific mobile web pages.

Customer Journey

B2B Sellers know their customers buying process is a journey. Buyers employ different channels to learn about their options throughout their buying-cycle. Multiple decision-influencers on the buying team mean there could be several buyer journeys taking place at once.

You’ll discover powerful Customer Journey technologies that:

  1. Drive agreement and consensus among buying team members.
  2. Give buyers their own web destinations where they’ll find a collection of information hand-curated by their sales representatives.
  3. Encourages collaboration between buyers and salespeople with easy interaction on shared content.

Top of Funnel

We may think of top of funnel as Marketing’s territory. Lead-to-response is so critical, however, that tools have been created to get inquiries and other triggers over to salespeople without delay. Whether or not you have a marketing automation solution, the technologies we’re recognizing will provide streamline the follow-up process.

Unique Top of Funnel technologies deserving recognition are those that:

  1. Tell salespeople who is interested in your services based on their visit and behavior on your website.
  2. Give buyers the chance to preview content on your website before providing their contact details upping conversions and auto-generating leads in Salesforce CRM.
  3. Provide compelling website content engagement and tracking

Specialized Solutions

We have a special category for those solutions that are, well, special. They are either so unique they’re hard to categorize, or they are one of a kind.

We’re recognizing specialize solutions that:

  1. Make it easier for salespeople to offer Customer References which are known to shorten sales-cycles.
  2. Alert salespeople to accounts who are interested in your competitors.
  3. Use AI to contact high volumes of leads, qualifying and setting up appointments for salespeople.

This year, more than ever, innovative solutions are staking their position in the market. View our Top Marketing Tools of 2017 Guide for ideas to strengthen your marketing and sales alignment. There’s no better time to prepare your teams for a strategic advantage than now. 2018 is just around the corner.

Do you use any of these solutions? If so, tell us your experience in the comments below. If not, better get going!

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