Top Sales Tools of 2017 Announced

May 2, 2017 Nancy Nardin

Do you wonder which sales tech will take your revenue to new heights? If so, I’ve got great news. We’ve just released our 5th annual Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide.


Technology should be a strategic initiative that supports your sales process and sales improvement goals. CRM is table stakes. Alone, it will not give you a strategic advantage. In fact, if CRM is the only technology you use, you could actually be hurting sales productivity due to the time reps lose making CRM fit into their natural workflow. With most CRMs, salespeople have to work the system rather than benefit from the system working for them.

The good news… there are hundreds of sales tools to choose from which means you can find the right technology no matter how unique your organization or its needs.

Yes, it’s difficult to filter through all of the options, which is why we created our annual Top Sales Tool Guide.

Use Smart Selling Tools' Top Sales Tool Guide to learn about innovative tools designed for any kind of seller.Click To Tweet Find the best sales tools to:
  • Help salespeople convert more calls into appointments.
  • Alert salespeople to whose most likely to buy right now.
  • Handle inbound leads fast and effectively.
  • Motivate and excite your entire organization.
  • And a lot more…

Use our guide to filter through and zero in on the tools that are most likely to help you.

This year, we’ve re-grouped solutions into new categories to reflect the changing sales tech landscape. See which tools we chose for:

  1. Account Based Selling
  2. Sales Prospecting & Communication
  3. Pipeline Management & Forecasting
  4. Sales Enablement & Engagement
  5. Closing Deals
  6. Sales Management, Coaching & Training.

View the guide and click on any of our chosen vendors to learn more. Even watch videos on each solution to quickly see what it is they each do.

The revenue you produce – this year and next – hangs on your team’s ability to move deals through the pipeline efficiently and consistently, and on your ability as a sales leader to coach to their success. Now is the time to take action and it just got a whole lot easier with the Top Sales Tools of 2017 Guide.


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