Creating Emotional Connections With Customers Through Video

December 17, 2017 Jennifer Wyne

Today’s buyer’s journey is very different. Instead of a serial progression from marketing to sales, buyers interact with both marketing and sales throughout the buyer’s journey. We see this with the advent of of social selling as well as the proliferation of digital content.

However, even with the increased touch points, according to a Gallup poll, only 29% of buyers feel fully engaged in the sales process. While traditionally engagement has been a marketing metric, we as sales leaders can no longer afford to ignore emotional engagement as an important driver of sales. Research conducted by CEB Marketing Leadership Council in partnership with Google found that 53% of the purchasing decision is driven by the buyer’s experience, including how the buyer interacted with your company and how they felt about your company, your product, and the representatives they spoke with.

Better engagement starts with the ability of your rep and your brand to differentiate itself. Think about how many times a day you get an email from someone trying to sell something to you? How many sales pitches have you sat through barely listening to because they sound like every other sales pitch you’ve ever heard. How many sales people have succeeded in making you feel emotionally invested in a product or service? How many sales people have succeeded in standing out from the pack?

According to a poll from Sales 2.0, approximately 75% of sales representatives believe that their approach; whether it’s their outreach, messaging, or value proposition, differentiates them from the competition enough to make a compelling case why customers should buy from them. Compare that with results from another poll that finds that only 3% of buyers believe that sellers have an approach that stands out.

The best way to stand out and engage directly with your buyer is by providing them with personalized messages that provide them with value, not just another sales pitch or meeting request.

Personalized Video can even further differentiate your sales efforts. Video allows you to create emotional connections with your buyers in three ways:

1.) Authenticity
The easiest way to connect with anyone, both buyers as well as any other human being you want to connect with, is to represent yourself authentically in a way that conveys you’re interested in them as fellow human beings. Forging that kind of connection is highly dependent on our modes of communication. The psychologist Albert Mehrabian said that messages, in other words what you’re saying to other people, are conveyed 7% through the actual words you say or write. That still leaves 93% of the message up to interpretation by whoever you’re communicating with, and in that 93% is space for error.

55% of a message is conveyed through your body language. If you’re leaning in toward someone, that shows you’re interested, and if you nod your head, that means you understand what the other person is saying. Body language can only be expressed in 1 of 2 ways: either in person, which how often do you get the chance to actually meet a customer in person anymore, or through video. Video allows you to communicate all three components of a message in a way that phone and email, more traditional modes of communication, simply can’t.

2.) Value Upfront
By providing value upfront, I don’t necessarily mean providing your company’s value so much as your own personal value. People, buyers included, don’t connect with companies or product pitches. They connect with other people. That’s the true value of your sales representatives: their ability to forge relationships with your customers. The best way they can do that is demonstrate that they are professionals there to address the buyer’s business needs as well as people they can trust. By providing value in the form of insights or recommendations informed by both their own professional or personal experience, your representatives can appeal to that emotional side of a buyer’s mind and make them feel valued, important, and connected to the person they’re speaking with.

Sales representatives must distinguish themselves in a way that conveys who they are both as a person and business professional. Allowing a sales representative to communicate the best parts of themselves inspires trust and adds dimension to their selling efforts. This cements the representative as a fully-formed person rather than just another sales person trying to make a commission. Video is a powerful tool in this respect; it is an ideal medium for conveying individuality and value in a way that traditional sales mediums like phone and email simply can’t.

3.) Personalized Communication
While sales is often seen as a numbers game, distinguished sales representatives set themselves apart by fostering relationships with their prospects. By investing their time, thought, and energy into the specific concerns of a customer and communicating these concerns, the customer is more likely to see their differentiating values and buy from them. Because of this, empowering your sales representatives with the tools necessary to create effective personalized content and build those relationships, greatly increases the chances of customers buying from you over competitors.

The late, great Maya Angelou perhaps said it best:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Through personalized video, you can make your prospects feel appreciated, special, and connected, opening the door to foster relationships that lead to more sales.

This week’s post is by guest author Matt Singer, CEO of Videolicious, an enterprise platform that empowers employees to create sophisticated video productions in seconds.

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