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RT @patrick_oshag: My conversation with @ashfontana on investing in AI. A very informative episode - how prediction models can affect, and create, businesses - the 5 markets of a useful data set - the stages of AI adoption - why "loops" are the new moat - macadamia nuts https://t.co/D9X2BMolIu https://t.co/Gnn5isoWpC

6:47 PM - 6 Jun 18
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Daniel Barber

RT @DataGrail: On Tuesday, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled that the administrators of 'fan page...

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Daniel Barber

The 5 Forces Driving Startup Valuations Today https://t.co/FiMoWf1yEd https://t.co/TYyDFadc7j