My First Few Weeks at Chorus

July 27, 2017 Graham Lloyd


Hi, I’m Graham, Account Executive at Bay State native, Bay Area transplant by way of Colorful Colorado.

Why I joined Chorus

My main reason for joining Chorus was how the product spoke to me. As a salesperson, you’re going to be talking about the product over and over and over again everyday. If the product doesn’t get you excited, you shouldn’t be selling it. I was excited to sell this product, both because of who the customer would be and because of my own uses for it.

I was excited to be selling to people I could relate to: sales people. As a sales rep myself, I have firsthand knowledge of the problems plaguing my customers. One of my previous positions involved selling to IT, which felt like I was living in Florida while selling winter jackets to Canadians. At Chorus, I have a connection with the people I’m selling to, which makes the product more fun to sell.

Not only was I excited to sell the product, but I was also excited to use it. We use the software to analyze our own sales calls, which has helped me grow as a sales rep. This is a product that I wish I had at my last job. My excitement to engage with the product and its customers motivated me to join Chorus.

Life with Chorus

What I love best about Chorus as a rep

Chorus has transformed the way I sell. One of the best aspects of the product is that I never lose track of a key detail or action item from a conversation.

At previous jobs, I would often be left with questions about something mentioned during a call: What was the name of that web-conferencing solution they mentioned? Who was that stakeholder they mentioned that I haven’t spoken to yet? Which pieces of collateral was I supposed to follow-up with? When did they say they’d get back to me by?

With Chorus, the call is recorded and transcribed in real time, so I can find anything discussed with a quick search. Chorus also recognizes key moments in a conversation, such as a next step and mentions of competitors. This makes it really easy to review calls and follow through with action items for my customers.

Additionally, Chorus saves me time and allows me to be more present during a call. Now, I don’t need to stress about jotting down every little detail; Chorus has my back. I can take quick time-stamped note (or even drop a bookmark) in the Chorus Note Taker App to indicate a particularly important moment.

I can be more present in my calls, and if I need more details about a particular topic discussed, I can go back and listen to that moment. Plus, my notes are automatically pushed back into Salesforce, which saves me a bunch of time.

Chorus allows me to review my calls quickly and effectively, which makes me more efficient and helps me close more deals.

How Chorus helped me ramp more quickly

Listening to my own calls through Chorus has helped me identify my own strengths and weaknesses. As I continue to use the software, I can see specific issues in my conversations that I can then fix in future calls.

Beyond learning from my calls, Chorus has allowed me to improve by learning from my colleagues. After identifying an area for improvement, I can search for specific moments (instead of listening to entire calls) from my teammates’ calls to find relevant info and best practices more quickly.

If there is a particular issue that our whole team needs to focus on, we can create Playlists within Chorus to show how to deal with the issue. When I listen through the playlists, I can pinpoint what works for my teammates and apply those techniques in my own calls.

Through Chorus, I have been able to learn and apply skills to my calls unlike ever before.

How Chorus changed the way I collaborate with the rest of the organization

Being a sales rep at Chorus has been different from any of my previous sales rep positions. As an employee, I can comment on calls to solicit feedback from my manager, keeping communication open and productive.

As a salesman, I can share competitive intel quickly and easily with marketing. We can access the discussion of competitors in my calls and I can help marketing understand our image, which improves our marketing strategies moving forward.

To help development, I can share feature requests quickly and easily with our engineers and let them take the customer’s word for it. Our product becomes more user-friendly and gets better faster.

Chorus has allowed the whole company to be integrated with each other. We improve our product and our messaging based on direct customer feedback, making Chorus a more broadly usable tool.

Why I’m glad I joined Chorus

Sales coaching has always been a retrospective activity. However, Chorus makes coaching a practical and proactive exercise within the office. In building our technology, we prioritized making everything work in real-time. Chorus is able to surface the right information when I need it most: in the moment.

I joined Chorus because I was excited to sell and use our product. Sometimes the grass isn’t greener once you’ve hopped the fence.

I can confidently say that that is not the case for me. This product has a lot of potential. I am excited about the capacity for Conversation Intelligence like Chorus to revolutionize the way we do business.

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