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Chorus analyzed >85,000 sales rep responses to objections raised by prospects across the sales cycle using our Conversation Intelligence Platform. We used the trends from this research to identify what top reps do differently when it comes to handling objections. Top reps respond 50% faster than others A faster response is a sign on pre-existing knowledge and having dealt with the objection beforehand. Also, a sign of confidence. Pricing, Competitors, and Timing are the top 3 objections faced Of all the objections raised by prospects the top 3 were related to pricing / budgets, trying/ using / preferring a competitor, and timing/ priorities. Do you have talk tracks for these objection? They lead with gratitude or empathy In 65% cases, top reps began their response by thanking the customer for being candid or by explaining how they understood or identified with their view point. They don't ask a follow-up question immediately In 80% cases, top reps took about 32 seconds before asking a question to dig deeper into the objection. They spent about half a minute responding to the objection before asking the prospect for more information. No change in speech rate Top reps speak at the same rate (# of words per minute) when responding to objections as the rest of their calls. This proves they are still calm. Reps seek help from Managers & Sales Enablement / Product Marketing In 90% cases where top reps sought help from other team members, they tagged a sales manager, leader, sales enablement or product marketing. These people are able to best help reps counter objections. OBJECTION HANDLING CHEAT SHEET

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