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COLD CALLING CHEAT SHEET analyzed over 1 million cold calls made using sales engagement products like Outreach. Here are some data points on successful cold calls i.e. the ones that resulted in a booked discovery meeting. The average successful cold call Lasts 7.5 minutes The longer the call, the better. The average duration of all connected cold calls is 80 seconds but successful cold calls average 7.5 mins. Create open-ended questions that can help you have a longer conversation with the prospect. SDRs should create 1-2 engaging moments Engaging moments are when a prospect speaks for more than 30 seconds. If you have the right conversation skills and some amazing open-ended questions, you can end up creating 1 or 2 engaging moments on a cold call. Prospects tend to ask 2-3 questions If your call is going well, the prospect will also ask 2-3 questions other than "what do you guys do?" That's a great way to tell if the conversation has potential and if you have an intriguing proposition for the prospect. SDRs talk for about 40-49% of the call There is no ideal Talk-Listen ratio. As a guidance keep you talk time in the above range. Don't be shy of long monologues, e.g. when telling a customer story. Successful cold calls have reps monologues as long as 35 seconds. SDRs should ask the prospect 4-5 questions Cold calls are not about endless pitching. You have to ask the right discovery and qualification questions too. What you need are 4-5 potentially engaging questions that gets the prospect to really "open up". The ideal SDR cadence has 4 cold calls over 20 days You have to try about 4 times to have a long conversation with the prospect. Ensure you have 4 to 5 calls in your cadences and once the cadence is over, turn the contact in to Marketing for nurturing.

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