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DISCOVERY CHEAT SHEET analyzed over 500K discovery meeting recordings and transcripts. Here are some insights on discovery best practices that result in closed won deals. Create at least 2 engaging moments Meetings with 2 or more engaging moments have a 60% higher chance of advancing to the next stage. Engaging moments occur when a prospect answers a rep for more than 30 seconds on situational, pain or value question. Ask about 2 questions every minute Asking the prospect >2 questions per minute can hurt engagement i.e. the feeling of being unnecessarily interrogated creeps in and their responses become short and curt. Educated prospects ask you 1 or more questions every 3 mins An educated prospect asks more questions because they're more aware than others. But they're great news – their win rates are >50% higher than others. So detect them early! Try to ask only 5 key questions if the prospect is educated Chorus Science findings suggest that reps should not try to ask too many questions of an educated prospect. When reps ask more than 5 questions during discovery with an educated prospect, win rates reduce by 24%. Keep your talk time between 45%-55% on most discovery calls There is no ideal Talk-Listen ratio. As a guidance try to keep your talk time in the above range on most calls. Don't be shy of long monologues though e.g. when telling a customer story. Closed won deals have 3 or 4 engaging moments Engaging questions are great, but do not try to get the customer to answer dozens of such questions. Select the most relevant ones and spread them out over the call.

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