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MANAGER-LED COACHING CHEAT SHEET analyzed call review and coaching behaviors of the managers of top 100 sales teams (by win rate). Here are some insights on how top managers coach their teams and individuals to build a team of quota-crushers. Top managers spend 12 hours a month on call reviews Top managers spend 30% more time in call reviews than the average sales manager. Average call reviewed was 9 minutes longer than the average recording Managers focus on longer calls as they have more in-depth conversations. 71% time is spent in account or deal specific coaching Managers focus most of their time on helping reps close their quarter and removing deal roadblocks. 29% time is spent on new rep or skills coaching The remaining 29% of review time is spent on looking at new rep's recordings or finding a skill or process area of improvement. Average deal size of calls reviewed is $3K higher than the average for all deals They also focus on larger deals as the upside of winning them is much higher. 3x increase in call reviews increased win rates by 50% Managers who increase calls reviews by 3x can potentially increase win rates by 50%. 83% time is spent reviewing early stage calls Managers spend most of their time reviewing customer pain points, qualification, discovery, and demos. 50% managers review calls within 5 days of a meeting Top managers are prompt with reviews and complete it within 5 days of the call getting recorded and 7 days before the next call.

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