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Page 0 of 0 analyzed call review and coaching behaviors of sales enablement managers from the top 100 sales teams (by win rate). Here are some insights on how top sales enablement managers determine topics, deliver coaching, and track impact to build a team of quota-crushers. Top enablement managers spend 18 hours a month listening to calls The best enablement managers spend 40% more time discovering coachable moments or themes across sales calls than the average enablement manager. 80% of their focus in on the early stages of deals Enablement managers spend most of their time reviewing how reps ask qualification and discovery questions, show product demos, or handle early objections. Spend 33% time on coaching existing reps and teams Top enablement managers spend a third of their time discovering coaching topics and tracking how reps adopt new content or talk tracks. Spend 40% time on new rep onboarding and call reviews Top enablement managers spend most of their time helping on-board and coach new reps as they learn and take on their first few deals. 3x increase in call reviews increased win rates by 50% Enablement managers who increase their time in calls reviews by 3x can potentially increase win rates by 50%. Their top 3 coaching focus areas are competitors, pricing, and value The top enablement managers spent most time looking for moments where reps talking about how they compete, describe pricing / discounts to prospects, or establish value and ROI. SALES ENABLEMENT CHEAT SHEET

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