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Enterprise Grade Call Recording Compliance Monitoring Know how you are doing on compliance laws and act on it easily. The best investment our company has ever made in a tool, including Salesforce . Thomas J at Redox monitors call recording compliance across every communication channel (written, aural and visual) to minimize risk and identify individual reps not following your organization's approved call recording processes. Compliance Report Recorder # of Calls % Compliant Julian R 200 100% Kate W 156 100% Jodie F 67 100% Harry P 352 98% Meryl S 257 92% Dan W 199 90% ! ! ! KNOW COMPANY COMPLIANCE TRACK REPS WHO NEED TRAINING & REMINDERS Sources checked in Compliance Reporting Methods Audio Calendar Invite Visual Monitoring Capability How Monitors Disclaimers analyzes the phone calls and meetings for a verbal disclosure like: "I'm calling on a recorded line." or "If it's okay with you I'm going to record this meeting so I can stay focused on our conversation." analyzes the body of calendar invites for a written disclosure e.g. "MEETING DISCLOSURE: This meeting will be recorded." analyzes what is on - screen to see if there is a visual disclaimer (e.g., a red recording light) through the video conference provider. This can be enabled as a default setting on most video conference providers. COMPLIANT 95% NON COMPLIANT 5% GDPR Compliant Call Recording

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