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Improve Execution Throughout the Customer Journey benefits many individuals within the enterprise by providing critical insights into the countless hours of call and online meetings accumulated with each customer. These benefits help each individual do their job better and provide a better experience to their clients throughout the entire customer journey. Customer Success • Access every conversation with any customer in a single location • Easily review and collaborate with sales on customer history • Capture the messaging proven to retain and grow customers • Automatically identify moments in customer conversations that indicate potential growth or loss Sales Leaders • Don't shadow meetings. will automatically identify key moments in your team's conversations • Effectively evaluate the true state of any opportunity • Replicate behavior of your top performers • Measure and improve individual meeting performance metrics Account Executives Sales Development Product • Leverage the voice of the customer to inform product decisions • Test product ideas with data, not anecdotes • Easily identify product stakeholders Marketing • Use objective data from real-world conversations to guide messaging • Filter across every conversation to identify the optimal competitive positioning for your team • Design campaigns based on the specific needs and trends of your industry Sales Enablement • Record all meetings and calls without changing your workflow • Focus on the meeting, let capture every detail • Automatically sync data to Salesforce • Share key moments with your colleagues • Listen how your colleagues effectively message and position • Keep your current phone system, online meeting provider, and workflow • Automatically capture insights within Salesforce • Improve win-loss analysis with real data • Leverage messaging and positioning that has proven to work • Easily share conversation insights with other team members • Benchmark and improve your meeting performance over time • Remove the guesswork from onboarding and coaching • Easily create playlists of best practices from proven real-world examples • Measure improvement in meeting performance over time 201 California Street Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111 | Sales Operations

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